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Famous People Addicted To Coffee

If you believe that you're overdoing it with your coffee dependency, you're absolutely not the only one. As a matter of fact, several of the most successful and acclaimed human beings to ever walk the planet were totally, painfully, nuts for coffee.

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1. Johann Sebastian Bach created a brief opera about coffee fixation.

The renowned Baroque author was also a noteworthy coffee fiend. Though he's not well regarded for his humor, he turned an amusing poem by his constant collaborator, Picander, into The Coffee Cantata in 1732. The cantata mocked public protest regarding the surge of the Vienna coffeehouse scene. At the time, coffee was considered as a harmful societal "evil.".

2. Ludwig Van Beethoven took his coffee with exactly 60 beans per mug.

The notoriously temperamental Beethoven once asked the above question after frightening away an unwanted companion. The renowned author was compulsive regarding his coffee, and also would certainly count by hand 60 beans per cup, according to his biographer.

3. Benjamin Franklin hung out at coffeehouse prior to it was cliche.

While living in London, Franklin lived the sweet life of the coffeehouse freelancer, where he would certainly hold political conferences, play chess as well as simply socialize listening to excellent discussions. He even advised his sister to send his mail to his favorite London coffeehouse. Ever the industrious business person, Franklin marketed his very own coffee beans, and also he suggested never starting a boat travel without one's own coffee supplies, as the captain could run out.

4. Voltaire is said to have downed 40-50 mugs of coffee a day.

Voltaire, the renowned satirist that created "Candide," is perhaps among the most serious coffee addicts in history. He apparently ingested between 40 and 50 cups of joe a day, evidently of a chocolate-coffee mixture. He lived into his eighties, though his doctor alerted him that his precious coffee would kill him.

5. Teddy Roosevelt drank a 4 quarts of coffee a day.

The 26th U.S. president would typically include 5 to seven lumps of sugar to the drink, though he at some point switched over to saccharine.

6. David Lynch has anywhere from four to seven cups of coffee a day-- with lots of sugar.

Known as a coffee fanatic David Lynch has featured the drink in his movies as well as on his TELEVISION show, Twin Peaks. He even launched his own David Lynch Signature Organic line of organic coffee. Lynch chronicled his coffee fascination in a Huffington Post blog site.